Complete the form below to generate your unique "Read Click Confirm" (RCC) link.


  1. We do not read the content of your email message.
  2. We do copy your email message.
  3. We do not share your email address with anyone.
  4. We do not use your email address for spam.
  5. We do not store recipients responses.

We support this service via income generated from Google Ads (see below) - which uses cookies. You don't have to click on the ad to use our service. If you've got any questions,send email to

If you need to know that your email recipient has received and read your message, then get them to confirm it with a simple click.

When we send emails, we assume our email has been delivered successfully and read by the email recipient but this is not always the case. Currently read-receipts confirm your email was opened but can never confirm your message was read, understood or actioned.

With a RCC Link, you get recipients to manually click on a link to confirm they have read your email. If you don't get a confirmation, you know to chase them with a follow-up call or another email.

With a RCC Link you can make sure no-one can ever again say - they never got that memo!

We created this simple service to solve the above problem and to ensure that you are able to use read confirmations with all email clients. You can even use RCC Links to get recipient(s) to approve or acknowledge a request. This is a great little tool that solves a big problem. Enjoy ;)

How does it work?

The Email Sender:

  1. Complete the "GENERATE A LINK" form.
  2. Copy the RCC link generated. Only use the generated link once per confirmation.
  3. Open your email client (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail, gmail) and paste the RCC link generated anywhere inside the body of the email message you are sending with your instruction asking the recipient to click on the RCCLink to Confirm/Accept/Agree or whatever you wish.
  4. We send you an email alert everytime someone confirms using your generated RCCLink.

The Email Recipient:

  1. Clicks on the Read Click Confirm link in the email.
  2. The link brings them to this website.
  3. They enter their email address and a short optional message into a form.
  4. Our system forwards the information to the link generator.

This is a read-receipt that works for gmail, outlook, webmails, hotmail, yahoo, whatsapp, iphone, mac mail, thunderbird, imail, all mails and emails. A read receipt is an email notification delivered when a recipient opens (and presumably reads) an email you send. The receipt confirms that the recipient saw your message and records the time.

This is a great simple email read-receipt and confirmation receipt service, so don't keep this secret to yourself - share it with co-workers, friends and family - anyone and everyone really ;)